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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alaskan Pepper Shrimp

I discovered this genuine Eskimo dish while working for the government.
It seems there were too many moose in Alaska, so the government
contracted me to drive the excess moose into Canada, as they
did not have their green cards.
8 oz fresh peeled shrimp
8 oz extra fine egg noodles
¼ C water
½ green bell pepper
½ red bell pepper
¼ tsp horseradish powder
½ tsp crushed hot chili pepper
Cook noodles as per package instructions. While noodles are cooking, chop bell peppers. Place water and shrimp into a sauce pan on high. Sprinkle shrimp with horseradish and pepper; stir until shrimp are pink and remove from heat. Drain shrimp and noodles. Combine all ingredients and serve.
Serves 2.


  1. I love crab legs, tuna, salmon and fish -- fried, baked or grilled fish -- but I've never learned to like Shrimp. I thought for sure I'd find beef and pork recipes on the "cowboyreality" blog. what's with that? Shrimp? you grow up on the outer banks or something?

  2. Nance,
    I happen to like all kinds of food. The thing about cooking is that you can make substitutions. Like substituting the shrimp with crab. You like fish, you like beef. Take a look at what I just posted and you will see Surf In Turf (as opposed to Surf N' Turf)